I. Introduction


II. Journal Entries

A place for players to chronicle things their characters remember about events and the Storyteller to reveal interlude scenes.

  • Mission Logs (Players): For In Character information only.
  • Interludes (Storyteller): For scenes that occur either off-camera or between NPCs. All information considered Out of Character unless the character is present for the scene.

III. Characters

The dramatis personae of this harrowing journey; the shards of broken glass reflecting their own fall.

IV. Places

All manner of locations both mundane and exotic will appear during our story, and this is where we’ll keep track of them. Information revealed is considered In Character unless stated otherwise.

V. House Rules

Sometimes the printed material doesn’t answer a question, needs to be changed to better fit the story we’re telling, or just isn’t detailed enough.

  • Setting Hacks: (Storyteller) Ways in which the rules have been knowingly modified for the story.
  • Winging It: (Open) When we need to kludge a rule on the fly, it will go here unless corrected. Corrected info will be in strikethrough and will have a reference to its proper usage.

The Ghost Children

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